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Meri Herogiri (Rathavaram) 2018 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Coming Soon | Sri Murali and Rachita Ram

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Meri Herogiri (Rathaavara) 2018 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Sri Murali and Rachita Ram 

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Rathaavara movie is a action thriller written and directed by Chandrashekar Bandiyappa and produced by Dharmashree Manjunath while Dharma Vish scored music for this movie.

Sri Murali and Rachita Ram are playing the main lead roles along with Ravi Shankar, Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila and Charan Raj in supporting roles.


The story revolves around the series of clashes between two protagonists Sri Murali and Ravishankar. Rathaavara also portrays trust and belief, which is carried between two well-wishers, who eventually become rivals.
Is Ravishankar playing a political goon and Sri Murali as his advicer? To know this watch the movie at your nearest theatres.

Rathaavara, the main henchman in a power-thirsty and corrupt MLA's gang, is loyal and can do anything for his master without thinking through his conscience. What happens when his conscience wakes up and questions his duty and loyalty?

Film fans are an unforgiving lot. When an actor tries to do something different, they run him down, while they tend to typecast the actor if he tends to repeat what they like of him. Luckily, Sriimurali has found a new personality, the silent rebel, which worked for him in Ugramm and this is what he carries forth in Rathaavara, which works again to a large extent.

This film is worth watching for four main reasons. The first being photographer-turned-cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda's camerawork. This is arguably one of the most stylish films of 2015 and each frame is a treat. While the love scenes are colourful and full of life, the action scenes evoke the treatment of cinema noir. Ravi Basrur's background score plays the perfect match to Bhuvan's work. Fights by Different Danny too are a treat for those wanting an adrenaline rush. And the fourth and the most decisive factor is the presence of Sriimurali and Loki. Their face-off scenes are a treat.

Director Chandrashekhar Bandiyappa has chosen an interesting antagonist, a eunuch, and Loki's portrayal evokes enough fear. While the maker has kept the portrayal of the transgender community to be sensitive at most times, the need for comic scenes and the inclusion of the unnecessary character portrayed by Sadhu Kokila brings back all the stereotyping and jokes related to the community. Luckily, fans of such cinema don't think of gender politics, hence the maker should escape scot-free.

The romantic track too seems like an unnecessary inclusion in the film. Rachita Ram looks pretty and has acted every bit the cutesy girl-next-door that is required of her. But, the fact that the film revolves around a henchman's conscience finally waking up and questioning his motives and existence, the love angle is as important as the vegetable garnish in a plate of chicken kebab. P Ravi Shankar, who plays the menacing MLA, looks repetitive. While there could be none better for his role, seeing him in similar roles every alternate Friday in different releases can cause fatigue.

Has this film worked? Yes, to a great extent. The first half is exciting and engaging. The second half seems to lose focus, but a few well-choreographed fight sequences and the climax, although a little outstretched, make it worth that one-time watch.

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